Product Description

1 Product Name & Image  Choculate product and Nutella
2 Sizes available : 250, 350, 2500g
3 Raw Material Used : Cocoa
4 Special Features :  choculate
5 Applications :  
6 Price :   4.0EUR per tin
7 Technical specification : HUMAN CONSUMPTION
8 Brief about product :


We are Exporters of chocolate bars
All products are original brand and Authentic offered by the manufacturer.
We supply quality products,  best offer price according to you order quantity.

Kinder surprise
kinder bueno
kinder joy
kinder chocolate
Ferrero rocher
Ferrero Raffaello
Nutella chocolate spread
Pringles chips
Doritos chips
Raffles chips
Lays chips
Quality street
Haribo hard and gummy candy
Oreo Biscuits
fruit juice.

9 Industries where this product is used :  
10 Colors & packaging available :